Nevada Business Center is one of the premier
incorporating companies in the U.S.


Headquartered in Nevada, NVBiz (Nevada Business Center) has incorporated over 14,000 companies since 2007.

Since its inception, the Nevada Business Center has worked hard to assist entrepreneurs in creating, and protecting, their dreams. In addition, the Nevada Business Center insists on personal interaction—and outstanding customer service—with all of its clients. This personal touch ensures that a business owner is receiving the best advice, and ultimately choosing the right entity for their company. 

With all of it's business dealings, Nevada Business Center strives to create privacy, protection, increased profitability, and prestige for their clients. Because of this mission, they've strategically located themselves in Nevada (arguably the most small-business friendly state in the union).

In fact, for over six years the founder of served as the President of the Nevada Registered Agents Association. The board's mission is to protect the rights of business owners, and to ensure that Nevada remains the premier location for small business incorporation. Our founder's unique vantage point into incorporating in Nevada allows to provide their clients with a strategic advantage and phenomenal service.

When you are ready to incorporate your business, we hope you'll give us the opportunity to prove why we have consistently been one of the top-rated incorporating companies. We're ready to bring our expertise and personal touch to your endeavors. 

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