Why an LLC?

The LLC is a flexible solution for people wanting to insulate themselves from liability but still have pass-through taxation. In most cases, owners are not responsible for liabilities and the debts of the business.

Is an LLC Best for My Business?

Most LLCs provide increased benefits compared to a sole proprietorship or general partnership. For example, an LLC generally protects the owners from debts and liabilities. In addition, an LLC will still allow "pass-through taxation" which can greatly simplify an owner's tax process. An LLC also requires far fewer stipulations when it comes to paperwork, documenting company minutes, holding regular meetings, etc. An LLC does legitimize a company well-beyond a sole-proprietorship or a general partnership.

How Can I create an LLC?

To form an LLC, Articles of Organization must be filed with the state. With NVBiz.com's unique processes, we'll ensure a smooth process for you and your business.

It's Important to Remember:

LLCs are an official entity, so they require annual reports and may require annual fees and appropriate taxes.

To Begin:

Creating an LLC couldn't be easier. To start the process, simply request a consultation with one of our representatives, and we'll confirm that this is the right entity for your business.