What is Wealth Preservation?

Wealth preservation is the ability to secure, and insulate, your assets from many liabilities and risks. The strategies we employ provide you with the maximum control and flexibility over your assets, but the best possible safeguards to prevent losses and minimize risk.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort and sacrifice to build a business, and ultimately, to build wealth. After you've gone to such links to create that wealth, it's important to protect it.

Nevada Business Center specializes in finding legal ways to protect your wealth and your businesses. The government has created numerous opportunities for individuals and businesses to secure their wealth and protect themselves from threats (lawsuits, divorce, liabilities, etc.). However, the vast majority of individuals don't know where to begin navigating the maze of legislative and bureaucratic hurdles to utilizing such benefits. 

Nevada Business Center's CEO has been the President of the Nevada Registered Agents Association for over six years, and is at the heart of navigating the complexities (and utilizing the legal opportunities) provided to businesses and their owners.

For example, creating legal silos for the various assets of a business substantially lowers liability. There is no reason to have the liabilities of one business effect the livelihood of another business, or the business owner's personal assets. And yet, many individuals stand to lose everything if there is an unforeseen problem or lawsuit, because their assets and businesses are pooled together (not legally separated).

If you are serious about providing your businesses, or your wealth, the maximum amount of protection. We'd like to help you in the following ways:

1. Do a Free Consultation
We'll discuss your assets, the threats to you and your businesses, and the best legal opportunities at your disposal.

2. Recommend a Course of Action
We'll give you tools and strategies to help you protect your assets, and ensure that your entities and wealth are secure.

3. Implement the Strategy
We'll help you produce the necessary legal documentation, create the appropriate corporations, and assist you in continually remaining legally compliant.

If you think that you, or your businesses, may benefit from some of our unique techniques, please contact us by completing the following form: