Nevada is the ideal state to incorporate a business. 

In fact, Nevada is viewed by many as one of the top jurisdictions in the world for forming a corporation or an LLC. The political and business environment of Nevada are optimal to support the aspiring—and successful—entrepreneur. And, there are a variety of benefits that differentiate Nevada from the rest of the options.

A few of the benefits include:

  • Nevada has NO state income tax
  • Nevada has some of the strongest protections for owners and officers of corporations and LLCs

  • Nevada is the only state in the union to have “charging orders protection.” In other words, someone that sues a partner cannot obtain their shares of stock, or interfere with the management of the business. This is important because it protects ALL partners in a business.

  • Nevada also allows you to relocate your business (to Nevada) through a process called Re-Domestication. This unique process allows you to keep your tax ID numbers, registration date, etc. when you relocate your business.

Four Categories where Nevada Helps Businesses excel: 

  • Privacy - Minimal corporate information is listed publicly. For example, there is no public listing of the owners in a business.

  • Prestige - Nevada is a widely known as a business-friendly state. It's also recognized as a bastion for savvy business owners who have done their homework on incorporation, and ensuring the best prospects for their business. 

  • Profitability - With benefits such as no state income tax (for either businesses or personal income), it helps a business to maximize profits with minimal taxes.

  • Protection - Nevada has some of the most rigorous protections for business owners, and for the businesses themselves. It allows a business to remain secure, and un-encumbered, despite the almost inevitable threats to a company in business.

Lastly, Nevada has a firmly established Registered Agents Association. The Association continually lobbies the state government to provide as many benefits as possible for businesses registered in the state. It works diligently to ensure that business owners are protected and represented. In fact, the founder and current CEO of the Nevada Business Center ( has served as the president of the association for over six years, thereby possessing thorough knowledge of the state legislative and legal process. It's this unique vantage point that allows the Nevada Business Center the ability to provide the best possible services and security for companies seeking to register in Nevada. 

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