Step 1: Connecting with you.

Every business is unique. Initially, we'll have a brief meeting with you to discuss the specific qualities of your business, and to suggest a path for incorporation that ensures your business gets the maximum advantages and protections possible. 

Step 2: Collecting and Confirming Documents.

After deciding on a route for incorporation for your business, we'll gather all of the requisite information from you. We'll confirm that all of the documentation is in order, and that the information is complete and accurate. The process will also include document verification and a name-check with the relevant agencies or departments.

Step 3: Submitting Documentation to the Government.

We will submit all of your documents to the appropriate government agencies, and will inform you when your forms are submitted and approved.

Step 4: Sending You Your Documents.

We will then send you a package of materials and documents. It will include your incorporation documents, but also resources to help you comply with the requirements of the entity that you have chosen. 

Step 5: Assistance Moving Forward.

As part of our business model, we make ourselves available for the questions that will inevitably come up when you incorporate a company. In addition, we'll provide perpetual services to clients who decide to allow us to assist them moving forward. 

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